PTCSHOP Script Features

Incredible Feature Highlights for the PTCShop Web Script

Featuring a full website script with "Paid to click", "Paid to take survey's", "Paid to read ad's", "Paid to sign up" and more! Learn how the PTCShop web script can benefit your business by running automated payouts with alertpay, automated order validation and approval via alertpay and paypal, and more! Put your business on auto-pilot and focus on what counts!

Secondary Password, MD5 Password Encryption and Cashout Pin

Adding more level's of security to the PTCShop with a new Cashout Pin (For requestin withdraws), Secondary Password (For an extra layer of account protection) and Md5 Password Encryption.

Export Members and Email Lists in CSV, XLS and TXT formats

Quickly export your entire member's database for use in third party applications such as mailing applications and autoresponders.

Multi-Lingual Website

The latest PTCShop template and script features API access to Google's translator for translation into any language google supports, as well as manual adjustment of the translations in the admin panel for all languages and site tags.

10 by Infinity Unilevel Downline Structure with up to 999% commissions

Up to 10 level's of downline, all earn you more income by offering a bonus when someone performs a "Get Paid To" task that pay's upline!

Currently the demo website is set to 5 referral levels, you can set up to 10 levels with up to 999% Commissions earnings, individually set for each level. This PTC Script has some INCREDIBLE features that will help you focus on your business. The level's width cannot be forced, you may have unlimited people on each of the 10 level's earning you commission.

Commissions are calculated on the spot. There is no delay, and funds are instantly available when your downline earns by performing a "Get Paid To" task. Set 10% and the sponsor will earn 10% of the downline member's earnings. Set 50% and the sponsor will earn 50% of that downlines earnings.

Get Paid to Click, Read Ad's, Signup, Take Survey's, Refer Others, Read E-Mail

There are several way's this website script offer's for your member's to earn. Get paid to click, read ad's, take survey's, sign up to other websites, read email, and all with customizable benefits and real time tracking statistics.

Get Paid to Click, Read Ad's, Read E-Mail's, Sign Up (Guaranteed Signup's), Take Survey's, Refer Others

All "Get Paid To" modules are adjustable via the admin panel. Prices per click, referral bonus is generated from the level percentage.

Alertpay Automated Withdraw and Ordering

Instant Payout with Alertpay! Your member's can get instant fund's when requesting payout with "Automated Alertpay". The ability to require 1 manually verified order can be setup through your admin panel.

Paypal Automated Ordering

Automatically deliver advertisements with paypal purchases! It's simple to setup, and easy to automate.

Advanced Site Content Management

Update your website pages, Create new pages, Add new menu's to your website and more with the advanced content management system.

Dynamic website pages = Dynamic Growth Opportunities, We have a nicely automated system that will keep your pages dynamically generated so that there is always new content! Don't waste time trying to update your site page by page, dynamic advertising and member statistics and ad pages allows your website to have a much more interactive experience!

Credit Based Advertising System

Featuring a full user balance credit history, members points to credit converter (Points earned from clicking or performing paid tasks), instant credit managed advertisements allows your members to control their advertisements and maximize their purchase of banner credits, featured banner credits, featured ad credits, featured link credits, paid to click credits, paid to read credits and more!

Membership Manager with Daily / Monthly / Yearly Credits!

Making upgrade packages just got easier! Give your members higher payout rates, or lower "Paid to" time's (30 second ad views instead of 60 for example), and timed based dispersal of advertising credits that you choose. You can have unlimited memberships with unlimited packages.

Secure "Captcha" Based Human Validation

It's important to know who's clicking your advertisements! With our "Captcha" based security protocol's, you can easily verify who's a human and eliminate advertising and earning bot's all together!

Two unique methods are used, one for "Paid earnings" and the other for signup and account validation / login.

E-Mail Account Verification for New Accounts

Enable / Disable is available in the admin panel if you want them to verify their email or not before their account becomes active to earn.

The ability to automatically weed out those new member's who can't enter a valid email address is important, loss of communication means loss of sales, and loss of sales is... well, lets just say out script is designed to maximize your websites earning potential by making member's verify their email address before they can start earning! Admin's can enable or disable to force email verification on new accounts.

Mass Communication

The ability to mass email all member's of your system easily and effectively with the submission of 1 form!.

View Ad's on the Main Website

Show your "prospective" member's the ad's they could be earning on! It generates excitement and lets member's know they have an opportunity to earn before they join.

Members Only Timer's

Give your member's the gift of time! Now you can offer lower wait times for viewing websites to earn when member's upgrade to premium packages!

Unlimited Advertisments

Create as many banner's or advertisements as you wish! There is no limited when it comes to advertising on your new website!

Automated Referral Contest

Show your members you care! Offer weekly, monthly or yearly bonuses to member's with the automatic referral contest! Run 1 contest, set it to either auto renew when it's over or stop as a 1 time promotional, getting your member's excited about referring others just got easier!

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